Women in leadership

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Women in leadership

True leadership flows from the heart as well from the head. It is felt by others as much as it is seen or heard. It includes skills that can be developed and abilities that can be learned. It is always also a reflection of the authentic person behind those skills and abilities.

In this intense weekend workshop, women leaders will learn how to bring their best selves and their best skills to the leadership opportunities and challenges they encounter.They will also develop strong relationships that will help them continue growing their leadership strengths over time.

Participants must be accompanied by at least one other woman leader- ideally, a woman from their own organization so that they will have a trusted partner with whom to continue their long-term development.

Among the topics that will be covered are the following:

  • Envisioning a desired future as the basis for present actions
  • Identifying your leadership strengths and drawing on them to seize opportunities and confront challenges
  • Protecting your authentic core from being surrendered to unproductive expectations and stereotypes
  • Leading yourself and other with congruence
  • Building mental and physical stamina and resilience
  • Creating positive relationships for lasting support and success

wide range of adult learning strategies/techniques are used in this workshop, including individual, team and group experiences; lecturettes and group discussion; action learning; and applications of the arts to memorably clarify and deepen essential learnings.

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